Hurry!! Admission open for Form One,  Form Two, Form Three & Form Four. Our School is for Excellent Teaching with High Discipline.  For more information please contact: +255 27 2750763 / 0767 888 004 / 0768 592 546/ 0786 186 633.
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Welcome to Eden Garden Schools

Located in the Northern Tanzania town of Moshi, Eden Garden Educational Trust (EGET) is a local non-governmental organization (NGO), established in 1993 and committed to preparing young Tanzanians to meet the challenges of the new millenium.

The Trust was registered on 21.02.2001. The Registration number for the Primary School is KL 01/7/003 and was registered in 1998. The Registration number for the Secondary School is S.1346 and was registered in 2004. Eden Garden Secondary School is among the National schools under the Ministry of Education and Culture in the Non-Government Organization wing in Tanzania.

Our motto is "Teach a child the way he or she should go and will never depart from it..." (Prov.22:6) It is therefore our hope and prayer that whatever children will learn from the school - physically, intellectually, spiritually - will never depart from them. When they join the world of adults, they will be making decisions from a solid educational basis.

So, please explore our website. We hope that you'll enjoy it as you learn about EGET, use it as an EGET scholar / parent, or consider becoming one of our supporters.

Thank you.